Fume Extraction for Weld Schools

Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) Adopts the VentBoss

The next generation of welders is being trained on the beautiful grounds of the Warner Robins branch of this large technical college. As the coming shortage of skilled welders looms—a shortage predicted by the American Welding Society—the school is serving the needs of the community, the state and beyond. Only top-notch instruction and hands-on experience will ensure that these welders are prepared for the field.

The Problem

Sixteen welding stations host students in the CGTC program for several classes per day. In these stations, students perform a variety of welding techniques, honing their skills and, during the course of a day, producing prodigious amounts of weld fumes. In the past, it never took long for these fumes to accumulate in the facility. Soon the air would become unsafe. Students and faculty were not happy.

The air quality solution in place, in those days, was an extraction system that couldn’t keep up. Jason Haramut, the welding instructor at CGTC, knew the system did not have adequate power for the space and application. Little weld smoke even made its way out of the classroom. Over time, many students left the program. Recruiting for the class became difficult, as well.

The RoboVent Solution

Jason understood that the school needed a more comprehensive solution to the weld fumes. And it needed it fast. Jason spoke with the school’s preferred industrial equipment supplier who directed him to RoboVent. The welding school’s complex setup required a custom solution, and RoboVent’s Solution Directors knew it right away. Sixteen welding stations running frequently but irregularly—meaning on and off, throughout the day—called for a flexible, powerful solution.

RoboVent recommended a solution based on its VentBoss Series of equipment. The custom solution would feature an array of fume arms. This system would capture fumes at the source, pulling dangerous substances away from students before the fumes could be inhaled. The system had the added benefit of ending the practice of exhausting classroom air to the outdoors. This produced savings in energy costs for CGTC.

RoboVent had the system installed in just two days, ahead of schedule. RoboVent even had the opportunity to deliver on its satisfaction guarantee when the system’s touch-screen control panel would not work correctly—after Jason reached out to his Solutions Director, RoboVent quickly provided a replacement and got the class welding again.

The Result
Air quality improved quickly in the classroom. RoboVent’s VentBoss system protected students from harmful weld fumes while making the entire room safe for faculty, staff, and visitors. Everyone at CGTC was pleased with the process, from the first discussions and consultations through to positive experiences with customer service. Jason has noticed increased student performance, as well as enrollment, with the improved air quality. He concludes, “Due to the effectiveness of the system and ease of use, I would highly recommend RoboVent to anyone in my field!”

Number of lives improved : 86