VentBoss. Welding fume and smoke control equipment. Rugged. Dependable. And tough as you are. We know your world. We build equipment for places where real things get made. This is equipment designed to put in a hard day’s work. Forged from experience and the relentless push to get the job done and get it done right. Because the schedule isn’t gonna let up. Neither should your equipment. VentBoss, powerful new collectors from RoboVent, the leaders in clean air technology. American made. Built to last. Now lets get to work.

One Tough Line of Collectors

Portable Collectors

VentBoss offers a range of flexible units that go exactly where you need them. Perfect for welding, cutting and metal working processes that are performed intermittently or in changing locations. Easy to move. Easy to set up. Highly adaptable with different filter media, flex hoses or arms. Check out our portable units here.

Stationary Collectors

Heavy-duty steel construction, powerful motors and blowers, built-in controls and safety features, self-cleaning technology — VentBoss stationary collectors deliver all the features you need to keep up in a busy plant. Pre-assembled so there’s no delay in getting them up and running. Compact units and space-saving units can be seen here and here.

Ambient Collectors

Clear a whole facility with our innovative design for a full-plant, ambient system. It uses very little floor space and doesn’t require ductwork that can interrupt production or create installation problems. Multiple units work in synch to create powerful, yet subtle rotating air patterns. Automatic controls, self-cleaning pulse technology and advanced spark arrestance technology all in a heavy-duty package. Check out the ambient systems here.


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