Weld Schools

Weld training facilities pose unique challenges in management of smoke and fumes. Various methods are typically used, however, disadvantage to these are:

  • Complex duct work systems to connect to multiple fume arms or multiple work tables.
  • Extended design and installation time for these complex ductwork systems, along with associate time and cost implications.
  • Complex weld booth partitions, also taking extensive installation labor.
  • Once installed, there is no allowance for repositioning of booths or stations as they are connected to fixed duct work systems.

VentBoss has created an innovative solution to all these problems:


The S220 CrossFlow table eliminates these issues:

  • It is plug and play. Simply place the unit in place, and connect power and compressed air, and you are ready to run.
  • Installation time and cost is practically non-existent.
  • Rows of weld booths can be set up, simply by placing multiple units side by side, or back to back.
  • Comes with integral side wall shields, and weld flash curtain.
  • Works on the backdraft principle and recommended by ACGIH.
  • Fumes are drawn back and away from operators breathing zone.
  • Welder does not have to continually adjust fume arm.
  • Very often welders see fume arms as an obstruction, pushing them up and out of the way. This eliminates 90% of their fume capturing ability.
  • The backdraft intake is in a fixed position not requiring repositioning.
  • Pulse cleaning of filter is built right in, with on board compressed air tank.